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February 3, 2012

A Street Full Of Energy – Gowri

I grew up in a city called Bangalore in india,which is one of the major cities in the southern region of the county.My house is located in a quite, small neighborhood with all houses built along the streets, contrary to the suburban houses discussed in class.Walking through the main street, meeting familiar faces, looking at the little shops and interactions between people is what I miss the most about this neighborhood.

The sights that one can discern while walking through this main street is incredible, in fact, an overload to your senses.One of the explanations for this is that shops are walkable distance to their homes unlike in the U.S., so this street is traversed by people buying things, eating, talking and in turn bringing life to this street.There are numerous street sellers, standing under tiny stalls selling snacks, juices, fruits and vegetables, however on the same streets are supermarkets and larger stores, which makes this street unique in its integration of different social classes in one spot. Middle and upper class people come by to enter supermarkets, while lower classes come to indulge in food, fruits etc supplied by street sellers and often there is a congregation of all these people in front of the stalls when middle and upper classes also come by to eat at the stalls, which leads to interaction between them.You see people shouting hellos, hugging, exchanging information, street sellers shouting to win the competition with their opponents in getting more customers and so it is filled with drama of everyday life.

The street also has a wide sidewalk, hence, the combination of all the entertainments, food, stalls and the space of the wide sidewalk promotes people of all ages to spend more time outdoors than in their houses, including myself. Designs of the urban houses in Indian cities also increases this activity often due to their condensed designs,stuffiness and darkness and lack of access to gardens or backyards.

These homes also result in people having to spend time on front porches or steps, which enables them to interact with neighboring peoples, which is the basis for everyone knowing each other in our area. So when we walk around we are all acquainted with each other, with the shop owners, sellers etc which really initiates a feeling of belonging and familiarity that people clearly enjoy experiencing.It conveys a message of safety too, since people gain this feeling in a crowded area rather than a deserted street and more so when they know others around them.

At the end of the day everyone needs a social life, full of interactions and drama and all the various elements of an urban lifestyle, in this area of Bangalore city, leads to a lively street full of spirit and energy, which I enjoyed every evening during my evening strolls down this main street.

August 29, 2011


Lagos, “Go Slow”