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February 9, 2012

possibly the Best City Maps, what do you think? – gowri

 Since we were talking about the advantages and disadvantages of both these maps, could you imagine a map which has incorporated characteristics of both these maps? Well I think i found a few that have sort of achieved to do this. let me know what you guys think of these!

These are two articles I found and below each of them I have given the link, these images are fascinating!!! you guys should check out the link and look at the whole map itself, since these are just the images of them. These types of maps are called “pushpin” maps. When i was looking at the whole map i really did get a sense of what the city would feel like.1) Chinese Cities

Every now and then someone sends you a link that has the whole office gathered around your workstation. (short for ECity in Chinese) is such a link, a company that has mapped the 21 major cities in China and the majority of the provincial areas.
The maps are a visual feast of pixel art down to the finest detail and covering vast swathes of urban China. The interface is similar to Google Maps with the ability to pan, zoom as well as run searches for local businesses and transport links. – link has the whole map with the ability to pan, zoom etc!!

2 ) Reykjavík Center Maplink below has the whole map!

One of the more unique interactive city maps I have seen to date is the Reykjavík Center Map, an online map of Iceland’s capital. Yes, it’s a pushpin map, it’s not at all computer generated, and it looks like a watercolour. Snorri Þór Tryggvason, who worked on the map with some friends and sent me the link, wrote, “The mapmaking took two years and over 3,000 hours to complete,” and I believe him.