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September 5, 2011

Phyllis Kuplast – Sustainable City Building

The world’s “greenest” commercial building broke ground last month. The building, located in Seattle and intended for offices and residences, will generate all of the energy it consumes as well as all of the water it consumes. It will be one of the largest buildings to have net-zero energy sum and net-zero water sum. The building will be powered through a system of solar panels, that will somehow generate enough sunlight during the summer to last all year, even in cloudy/rainy Seattle. The building will also be equipped to be energy efficient, so it will not use as much electricity in the first place. Seattle’s rain will be collected in big cisterns and treated right in the building to be used as water that is good enough to drink. The building will also compost and process its own sewage and waste and send it off to local areas to be used as compost. In order to construct the building, they are using toxin-free materials, from local areas.

A building that generates it’s own energy, and provides its own water from the rain are very important attributes as both energy and water will soon be scarce resources. Cities are inherently unsustainable, because they import resources from surrounding areas which can have devastating environmental and health effects on those areas. Therefore a building that can produce its own energy and not rely on streams and rivers for fresh water, is a building of the future that will not only sustain itself, but help sustain the earth.

The company that contracted the building wants to set the bar high for sustainable green buildings and they hope other buildings will out-do their building in green technology.

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