Hey guys !

So my project is basically focusing on the history of Poughkeepsie and the stereotypes that people associate with it. Throughout my research  answers have  varied some positive and some severely negative. For example one person stated ” Poughkeepsie is disgusting in every way – when ever I’m driving through i feel unsafe and nasty” Another said ” I only ever  go to Poughkeepsie when I’m taking the train home ” .so I’ll be talking about the interviews that i have done and the data i have collected . Another aspect of my paper will be focusing on the Astor house which is a non profit organization that seeks to provide children with  medical  help, education and respect. The children that reside at Astor house are at risk of being put in the foster care system , have a mental or physical set back or their family has been deemed unsafe.Astor house has been around since the early 50’s and is an amazing organization that i feel has been looked over and not fully acknowledged . ( I’ll go into more details when i give the presentation.)



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