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May 10, 2012

Hungry for Documentaries — Emma Robinson

It becomes increasingly difficult to talk about the industrial food system without some redundancy. Due to the strength of the local food and organic movements, news coverage, and countless books and films released, there is a general awareness of the current problems surrounding food production in this country which can make a discussion on certain points seem a bit patronizing. When it comes to our environmental-focused class within a liberal arts college, it is safe to say that most of you are already familiar with much of the interesting information I could post here.

Sharing a couple documentaries that are not as “main stream” as Food Inc. would be a good compromise, I thought. From my own experience I feel these films offer some fundamental knowledge about the importance of food and small-scale agriculture, along with environmental issues in general. Feel free to comment if you know any other that should be included on this list. And note that I highly reccomend Food Inc for those who have yet to watch it!


King Corn