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May 7, 2012

Recycled Housing / Cargo Containers – Steve Reiman

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May 7, 2012

A Walk To Remember – Sam M.

A Walk To Remember – Sam M.

I was doing research for my paper topic which is about using practical art to engage people in their surroundings and encourage the success of overlooked spaces. Ze Frank is the person who inspired me to write on this topic because, if you ask me, he has it all figured out. Mr. Frank takes the idea one step farther and integrates digital environments with real spaces so people can experience physical and emotional reactions through one of the most emotionless spaces of all: the web. I think considering the rate of technological integration, space should be thought of in both the digital and physical senses. Soon, the internet, computers, and cellphones will, in fact, influence the world we live in. After all, the tech boom has greatly effected architecture in California. Ze Frank understands perfectly that you can create art with technology and further more, that art can bring new meaning or rekindle meaning with the real world in ways that make you appreciate the spaces around you.