NYC TRIP – Julia

the trip on Saturday was really amazing and it gave us all a personal connection to the reading we had in  class involving street vendors, connections to a city and even how certain people are viewed in connection to the street. The people from the street vending project were really awesome and really interactive and it was awesome to see Siobhan in action representing and listening to all the street vendors and the issues that they faced  . But i also had an issue with this organization -yes they are there to help the street vendors but they also charge a fee that some people can’t afford to pay  leaving them unable to become a member and get access to legal help ( 100 dollars a year)and another thing that we found out that their campaign  against lowering the thousand dollar fine(in which they they were handing out buttons protesting the 1,000 tickets ) this fine was only given to street vendors that had numerous other tickets which made the price sky rocket. I just thought that these concepts weren’t being ass address ,even when we asked them personally.

what do you guys think of these concepts?



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