Why a Bard Farm? -Jean

As we get closer to achieving our goal of getting a Bard farm, I think a question we need to ask ourselves is: Why? Why is a Bard farm the best way of reaching our objectives? Asking ourselves why is going to help us gain more support, both from the Bard community as well as the communities around us. The project has a lot of ambitious objectives, and I understand that we needed to be ambitious to get support. The recent success of the Farm fest demonstrates that people want to get involved. We have support, but now it important to show supporters solid groundwork beyond ideals. Narrowing down the objectives of the Bard Farm project will give the project more direction, and a mission statement might even add to the clarity of the project. The project has potential, but it is a big leap from raising money to the actual creation of a farm, and the Bard Farm project is only barely over the first hump. In a nutshell, I think it is important for us to ask ourselves what the main goal of this project is, and build off of that. 


One Comment to “Why a Bard Farm? -Jean”

  1. I agree wholeheartedly that fundraising for an ideal with no solid plans is insufficient for a sound project. However, I think that everything you mention in your article as necessary (a clear mission statement, a plan for exactly how to use the money to get the farm off the ground, etc) is already in place. The information provided on kickstarter.com for the Bard College Farm explains both the practical and the social goals behind the farm, and lists the materials and the infrastructure we need to start it right. Also, the links that Steve posted about farms at other colleges have similar statements written on their pages, which in the present confirm what we have already written and which in the future could be helpful as models for Bard when it comes time to have such a place on our own website.

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