Dyson Foundation & Fallkill Creek

The most recent edition of the Northern Dutchess County News includes an article about the elevator that will be installed in Poughkeepsie, connecting the Walkway Over the Hudson to a waterfront park that the Dyson Foundation has proposed to build. The article focuses on the foundation’s purchase of the land and their  intentions to spend $1 million to “preserve and improve the historic waterfront property that is considered to be significant to the future development of the city’s northern waterfront”. During our trip to Poughkeepsie, Matthew and Ryan mentioned that included in Dyson’s purchase were the historic Hoffman House and Reynolds House, and that they hoped the organization would allow Clearwater to use the buildings for office space.  Other than that, I don’t recall any mention of the relationship between Dyson and Clearwater, and whether there was much communication regarding each organization’s plans for this creek-side space. The Dyson plans don’t seem as if they would interfere with the goals of the Creek project, so I wonder if the two organizations are willing to work together in some ways. However, some issues may arise regarding the action Clearwater is permitted to take, as the project is being funded by the Poughkeepsie government, whereas Dyson is a private organization. Hypothetically, how would this federal versus private funding prevent Dyson and Clearwater from, or help them work together?


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